commercial septic engineer working on pipes

As an owner of a commercial property, you don’t need us to tell you that your septic system is much more elaborate than what you have at home. Whether you’re the property manager of an apartment complex or the owner of a restaurant, your drains, tanks and pipes are put under their fair share of pressure.

At Goodman Septic Services we specialize in all aspects of commercial septic plumbing. We can keep the bathrooms in your hotel running and the grease traps in your kitchen clean. On a larger scale, we can even pump the wastewater from your commercial holding tank. Read below to learn more about how our commercial septic pumping services can help you!

Grease Trap Pumping

There are three main varieties of grease traps used in United States kitchens. This includes smaller, passive hydro-mechanical grease interceptors, automatic oil and grease cleaning systems, and larger, concrete gravity grease interceptors. Regardless of the variety your kitchen uses, it occasionally needs to be cleaned before the buildup of grease becomes too thick.

How often do you clean a grease trap? There’s something called the “1/4th rule”, which states that once a quarter of your trap has been filled with FOGS (Fats, oils, grease and solids) it needs to be cleaned out. The exact time frame differs from kitchen to kitchen and season to season, but the general time frame is about every 1-3 months. Any longer and you may experience sour odors, and even slower drains in your surrounding sinks and toilets, so it’s best to clean sooner rather than later.

Holding Tank Pumping

Holding tanks work to provide safe, temporary storage for waste materials before they can be properly processed and disposed. They’re commonly used to hold water in agriculture and environmental settings, but they can also store oil, manufacturing chemicals and pesticides. They can also hold certain types of waste such as sludge, septage and equipment wastewater.

Unlike a traditional septic tank in a residential setting, holding tanks need to be pumped every 6-8 weeks. This is because they do not release treated waste byproduct into the ground the way a septic tank does. They’re meant to temporarily hold everything that enters it until the waste can be removed and transported to a treatment facility. Goodman Sanitation can pump your holding tank and make sure the products inside get taken care of accordingly.

Commercial Septic Pumping in Portland OR

You routinely invest in your commercial property to ensure smooth operations. The way you treat your septic system shouldn’t be any different. Though it is an extra cost, you don’t have to wait for your tank or trap to fill completely before you look for septic services. Pumping a large volume tank when it’s completely full, for example, could cost $500 or more. But if you pump on a regular basis, you’re actually saving money in the long run when you factor in the risk and cost of backups or other issues.

Goodman Septic Services is ready to help. We’ve been handling the septic care needs of the Portland OR area for over 70 years. From installation to repair, for quality commercial septic services, contact Goodman Septic Services today