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Drainfield Installation

Drainfields play a critical role in your septic system, which is why drainfield installation and repair jobs are best left to the professionals. From analyzing your soil type to designing around your property’s slope, an expert can ensure your system is properly installed and always functioning at its best. 

To get high-quality drainfield services in the Portland OR area, call Goodman Septic Services today! Since 1948, we have been providing exceptional septic services and we are prepared to meet all of your drainfield needs. Just contact us today to get started!

drainfield installation - Goodman Sanitation Septic Solutions in Portland OR

Signs You Need Drainfield Repair Services

Drainfields are a critical component of your septic system. If yours stops functioning properly, you may experience serious problems such as flooding or exposed sewage and other hazardous contaminants. That’s why it’s so important to know when your system needs professional attention. Here are some signs that you may need drainfield repairs:

  • Pools of standing water on your drainfield
  • Sewage odors in your home or near the drainfield
  • Lusher or greener grass in your drainfield
  • Slow drains and bathtubs or toilets not flushing

Reliable Workmanship From Goodman Septic Services

Septic systems and drainfields are vital components of your property, which is why you should never skimp on quality services from experienced professionals. At Goodman Septic Services, we are dedicated to delivering the very best in quality, customer care, and price. Our team has been trusted throughout Portland OR for over 70 years because we are:

  • DEQ Licensed and Bonded
  • Contractors Board Licensed
  • Members of the National Association of Waste Transporters
  • An approved onsite wastewater recycling treatment facility
  • Committed to providing honest advice and reliable results

Septic Drainfield FAQs

A drainfield, also known as a leach field or disposal field, is an underground system of perforated pipes located next to your septic tank. These pipes are designed to filter out contaminants from the wastewater before being absorbed into the surrounding soil.

Your drainfield works with the rest of your septic system to filter and treat wastewater. To understand how drainfields work, it’s useful to know how your septic system functions as a whole:

  • Wastewater from your house flows to the septic tank. 
  • Solid waste sinks to the bottom to be pumped out later.
  • Bacteria in the tank breaks down liquid waste.
  • The liquid flows through the drainfield, where it is naturally filtered by soil and absorbed into the ground.

Though there are many different types of septic systems that homeowners can choose from, all require a drainfield of some sort. If you are concerned about how a leach field will fit on your property, don’t hesitate to ask one of the experts at Goodman Sanitation!

Our team has decades of experience with installing and maintaining septic systems throughout the Portland OR area, so we are very familiar with local conditions that could impact your drainfield. From topography and climate to city regulations, we’ll be able to create a custom solution that is perfectly tailored to your property. Call us today to get started!

Most leach fields are located on flat and open areas of your yard, typically measuring 1-3 feet wide and up to 100 feet long. Some drainfields have multiple trenches that are spaced approximately 6 feet apart. However, the overall size and layout of your drainfield will depend on factors such as your family size, the slope and soil type of your property, and the layout of your yard.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, heavy rain can pose a number of problems for homeowners – including drainfield problems. If puddles of water rest on top of the leach field for too long, the soil may become saturated with water, which will prevent it from absorbing wastewater. Over time, this could lead to a septic overflow. Investing in proper drainage for your yard is a great way to keep your leach field in good condition.

Without a working drainfield, your septic system won’t be able to properly filter and treat wastewater. While some factors are out of your control, there are a number of ways that you can maintain your leach field and protect it from damage:

  • Never park on top of your drainfield
  • Avoid planting trees or plants near your drainfield
  • Maintain your drainage systems to prevent flooding
  • Ensure gutters are pointed away from the leach field


Drainfield Installation and Repair Services

With how important drainfields are to your septic system, it’s important to ensure yours is properly installed and reliably repaired. That’s why it is best to rely on experienced professionals, like those at Goodman Septic Services. Our skilled technicians have provided superior drainfield services to home and property owners throughout the Portland OR metro area for over 70 years, and we are able to use our expertise to provide you with top-tier workmanship, fast communication and a great customer experience. If you need drainfield repair or installation services, give us a call today!