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Septic Cleaning

If you want to keep your septic system in great shape for years to come, it’s important to invest in regular cleaning services in addition to your routine pumping. 

For quality septic cleaning services that you can rely on, turn to the experts at Goodman Septic Services! Having served the greater Portland OR area since 1948, we know what it takes to provide you with fast and effective service at affordable prices. With our cleaning services, your septic will run like new. Contact us to get a free estimate!

Green septic cleaning hose in a septic tank

Signs Your Septic Tank Needs to Be Cleaned

If your septic tank is too full, it may begin to malfunction or overflow. To prevent serious problems such as exposed sewage or flooding, it’s crucial to schedule a cleaning service if you notice any of these signs:

  • Foul smelling odors
  • Sewage backups
  • Widespread slow drainage
  • Issues with flushing
  • Water pooling in your drainfield
  • Lush green grass on drainfield

Superior Results With Goodman Sanitation

For over 70 years, Goodman Septic Services has been committed to providing exceptional septic services to homes and businesses throughout the greater Portland OR area. With a dedication to quality that extends beyond industry standards, we are confident that our team will provide you with the quality service you deserve. 

  • DEQ Licensed and Bonded
  • Contractors Board Licensed
  • Members of NAWT
  • An approved onsite wastewater recycling treatment 
  • Dedicated to providing honest advice and reliable results

Comprehensive Septic Cleaning Services

At Goodman Septic Services, it’s our goal to provide you with long-lasting results that you can rely on. That’s why our septic tank cleaning services are comprehensive and thorough. During your cleaning appointment, our experts will complete these tasks:

  • Locate your septic tank
  • Inspect your tank for any potential problems
  • Pump the liquid and scum layers from your tank
  • Pump or hydro-jet the sludge and solid waste from your tank

Quality Septic Cleaning in Portland OR

With the experienced team at Goodman Septic Services, septic tank cleaning can be a quick and easy process! During your service, our team will focus on the long-term health of your system so we can create effective and lasting solutions. It’s our goal to provide exceptional workmanship at affordable prices, so you won’t have to break the bank to get the quality you deserve. If you’re ready to schedule your service, give us a call today!

Septic Cleaning FAQs

Both septic pumping and septic cleaning are important to the health of your system. While these procedures are similar, there are some key distinctions that homeowners should be aware of. To understand how pumping and cleaning are different, it’s useful to know about the main types of waste inside of your tank:

  • Scum: The topmost layer inside of your septic tank is composed of floating waste that is actively being broken down by bacteria. 
  • Liquid: Beneath the floating scum is the liquid layer, which makes up the majority of the volume in your tank. 
  • Sludge: At the very bottom of your tank is sludge, which is solid waste that has been broken down and compacted beneath the liquid layer.

Septic pumping is the process of removing the scum and liquid layers. Doing so will lower the volume in your tank and restore the health of the bacteria in your system.

Meanwhile, septic cleaning is the process of completely emptying your tank – including the sludge at the very bottom. This will entirely reset your tank and keep it functioning like new.

Most homeowners should clean their septic tank at least once every 3-5 years. However, the way that you use your septic system will impact how frequently you should schedule a cleaning service. You may need to clean your septic tank more often if:

  • You have a large household: According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American uses 82 gallons of water each day. Larger households will produce more waste and therefore need more frequent cleaning services. 
  • You flush improper items down the drain: From flushable wipes to grease, there are a lot of substances that your septic tank will not be able to break down. The more these items go down the drain, the more likely you are to encounter issues with your septic that require cleaning or even repairs.
  • Your septic tank is small or old: Smaller septic tanks will fill up faster and need to be emptied out more frequently than larger units. Additionally, older systems should be cleaned more often to prevent issues that could lead to a breakdown.

Though it is technically possible to clean your septic tank yourself, doing so is a messy and difficult job. Without the right equipment and experience, you run the risk of coming into contact with raw sewage. Additionally, incorrect waste removal could lead to environmental contamination or damage to your tank. 

To save time and effort while ensuring your system remains in great shape, we strongly recommend investing in professional septic cleaning services. If you’re ready to get started, give our team a call today!

If your septic tank is not cleaned, it may begin to overflow or clog up. Should this happen, you may experience problems such as plumbing backups, flooding, and exposed sewage. 

While it’s okay to put off some maintenance tasks around your home, septic care should always be a top priority. Failing to care for your system could put you at risk of serious health consequences, expensive repairs, and in some cases, hefty fines.