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We at Goodman Sanitation would like to welcome you to the new “news” page, where we gather articles about septic systemss, trouble shooting problems and other worthwhile news written by recognized professionals in the industry. Sometimes we will include articles that we have also written that have either been published in the national industry papers or in or local publications. Our goal is to keep you, our customer, a well informed consumer and “septic” knowledgeable.

Are Your Customers Septic Smart?

Septic Inspection Procedures by Jim Anderson

A Homeowners Guide To Septic Systems September, 2015

Inspection Disaster Leaves Huge Mess For Homeowners August, 2015

A Homeowners Guide To Septic Systems July, 2015


There are inspections for homeowners who want to remodel their homes with additions to the house or property.

There are inspections for hardship cases for homeowners who want to add a mobile home to the property and attach to the existing septic systems.

There is the "time of transfer" inspection / evaluation when the homeowner is selling the property.

Each of these inspections require that the tank be uncovered, the distribution box(es) be uncovered, that there is an amount of water introduced to the tank, to watch the contents flow to the distribution box and be accepted by a "thirsty" drainfield, to pump the tank and note any deficiencies.

To do an inspection on any and all pump vault components and panels along with electrical connections. To provide a detailed plot plan meeting all DEQ Specified requirements with all DEQ forms filled in completely with our technicians "certified" number and identification on the reports.

Should any repairs be needed to help bring your systems "up to date" with compliance codes. We will outline the repairs and the cost and schedule an appointment for you. This gives you time to make an informed decision, ask questions, research websites, or ask for comparison bids for repair or work on fitting the repairs into your budget.

Your septic systems is the second biggest investment, next to your home and Goodman Sanitation will be considerate on how you spend your money.

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